Maximum Rocknroll--Issue 336, May 2011
The Opposable Thumb
Whoa! A 3” cdr!  I feel like I’m the last action hero or something! One song of AUS ROTTEN –esque relentless political hardcore and one song of crusty as fuck reggae for the black-clad, dreadlocked set.
Total fucking SUBHUMANS/CITIZEN FISH.  I feel like this thing should come with antivivisection tracts, a patch and a 40 oz.  The songs are great, the recording sounds crisp and sweet without being so slick it ruins the music.  These two songs alone have forced me to reconsider my decade-long staunch Fuck St. Louis stance.  I’m really looking forward to hearing more shit like this from these guys. (Ray) (2-song CDR, lyrics included,

MRR--Issue 341, October 2011
Resistance is our Right
Damn Good and ultra political oi!/hardcore hybrid (by accident or design, that’s how these songs come across).  Lyrics voice frustrations of modern life, mostly social, while drums keep driving the pace like a steady metronome steering between rampaging D-beat and charged street punk.  There is nothing on this tape that you’ve never heard before – just a fist in one hand, a beer in the other, and three chords flying through the air.  Fast and pissed with killer hooks throughout…into it. (Robert) (11-song cassette, lyrics included,

MRR—Issue 341, October 2011
Speaking of bands with a British influence, I got a demo in the mail from Proletariat Punch that drinks deep from the anarcho-punk well.  The best stuff can be favorably compared to the very best of the genre, both in political lyrical content and music.  I’m talking Increase the Pressure-era Conflict style on the more hardcore stuff!  The dub material is a little rich for my blood, but honestly not bad at all if you’re into later CLASH either.  I love a pleasant surprise in my inbox, and this was the best one since the CONTORT demo.  Looks like this band is quite prolific, as the label has several tape and CD releases available by them, and I am totally willing to vouch for this one.  (Andrew Underwood, column) 

MRR—Issue 347, April 2012
Straightforward political-as-fuck hardcore punk.  Sounds like these kids have listened to their fair share of crusty HC from ‘80s England and pull the sound off well on this tape.  There are a good number of parts that weirdly straddle the line between reggae-influenced UK dark punk and a moshy breakdown.  I don’t quite get that, but whatever.  Overall this is a solid crusty hardcore tape with lyrics about how capitalism, the state, the pigs, empire and all the other usual suspects suck a lot.  Word. (Max) (9-song cassette, lyrics included)

In Defiance of Gothic Nirvana—Issue ?, September 2012
Resistance is our Right
Seriously this is the best real punk album made in St. Louis in the past decade or so.  The angry British vocals are turtle cum on top of this delicious punk rock coffee.  The first time I listened to the cassette I was playing air guitar to the song “Question” and did not even realize it until halfway through the song.  Any band that makes me get up, thrash around like a maniac with an imaginary guitar and all without my consent or consciousness is truly a magical creation of pure monomomo madness. Add thirteen thousand bones to their credit for releasing this on a pro-printed but still DIY cassette.  (Jeremy Bequette)

Resistance Is Our Right: Cassette
Reminds me of Mouth Sewn Shut for the fact that they vacillate between crusty hardcore and pretty convincing reggae. I know most people would positively despise a combination like that, but I personally think it’s a fun formula. (I think Citizen Fish is great, too.) Proletariat Punch attacks both genres with surety. Stridently political and nicely balanced. I dig. –Keith Rosson (Recluse)

The Opposable Thumb: 3" CD-R
“The Opposable Thumb” is a quick hardcore blast that sounds very British and very mid-eighties. The second song, “Now What,” is a surprise—a reggae song that sounds like Culture Shock coupled with the distortion-heavy guitars of Mouth Sewn Shut. The first track came across as pretty standard fare—”Now What” was definitely the standout here. Given a slightly more “traditional” release—a 3” CD-R, in my opinion, is just a tiny step up from a cassingle—and I could see this three-piece stirring up some shit. Nice work. –Keith Rosson (Recluse)

Organ, The Organ’s Thing of the Day December 11th 2010 
SINGLE: PROLETARIAT PUNCH – The Opposable Thumb (Recluse) – Out on a very good looking homemade 3” CD thing via St. Louis (Missouri) label Recluse. Two classic slices of authentic sounding very English anarcho punk commitment, one side blasting along at ranting ramming smash-the-system speed, the other dubbed out and throwing questions along with some healthy remembrance of Wally Hope… Classic anarcho punk in the wholesome manner of all yer family favourites – all yer Subhumans, Anthrax (UK), Electro Hippies, Conflict and such… The doomsday clock is ticking and it’s just a game of chess to the bastards in control… The authentic sound of good old British poll tax- smashing, inner city anarcho old-school squat punk sent to us here in our Hackney bunker direct from St.Louis - it really is a punk rock global village and not a soaped stamp in sight… Love the single, we’ve all probably heard it a thousand times before, love it though, you can’t fake this sentiment, this energy or commitment, wouldn’t want it any other way – surely there’s always space for a band or two like this?  I must confess we know nothing about Proletariat Punch, and they’ve done a rather good job of covering their tracks as far as the internet is concerned, besides a few on-line shops selling the single there’s really nothing. Even the record company’s website is down (strange, they seem to regularly write us actual paper letters, maybe this is coming through a time hole? Wish I hadn’t recycled the envelope and sent it back out already, should have checked the post mark, thanks for sending the packages Amy!) . Says the two track were recorded in 2010, could really come from any time over the last thirty years of badly photocopied DIY soaped-stamp anarcho punk, they sound English, the lyrics suggest they are, wherever they’re from, love it.    

Eskupe Al Alkalde zine (Tenerife), numero 21, Febrero 2012
Proletariat Punch, What kind of Human are you Being?  Kassette
"Completely direct, energetic Hardcore from the USA, with a few repetitive Anarchists riffs crying of music and politics, flags of confrontation.  The title is not in a spirit of telling anyone what to do, the songs are very well written and spoken for the oppressed and the silenced, for nature and the extermination that advances every second, anticapitalism, anti-imperialism, lyrics for animal liberation, against the machine, against the system.  Actually it has been a long time since I read lyrics so direct without feeling indifference by words repeated so many times.  This band conveys sincerity, which is without doubt one of the qualities I most value.  Listen to it please. They have taken care that the tape sounds well, and even had it mastered at Mammoth Sound.  This music is unstoppable hardcore of truth, there is a rage and an effort that cannot be mumbled...I'm listening to "The Empire Falls" and I assure you that it would be the soundtrack during the overthrow of the fucking American Government. Sabotage!" --by Teodoro